Scuba Diving at Sydney Cronulla

The Cronulla Beach area has some of the best scuba diving in Sydney Australia and with Cronulla Beach Backpackers in-house Sydney dive school and scuba diving shop, scuba-divingAquatic Explorers, Aquatic Explorers, now in Sydney so you are ready when you hit the reef.  Working travellers especially do this whilst they have the time and the money.

Learn to dive and get your international PADI licence before you travel up to the Great Barrier Reef for a substantially cheaper rate.

Cronulla Beach Backpackers also has some great accommodation and scuba diving package deals. Enquire about these when booking, or at the front desk of the hostel when you check in for accommodation.

A wide range of dive experiences are available with dives at Shelly Beach in South Cronulla and Cape Solander, Kurnell.

Scuba Diving With Sharksscuba

Don’t miss diving with the grey nurse sharks off the cliffs just south of Maroubra. There is a permanent colony of grey nurse sharks very close to Botany Bay Sydney. Grey nurse sharks are great fun to dive with. They look scarey, but are actually quite timid animals that would never try & bite a diver unless under extreme provocation.

The grey nurse sharks are headed for extinction due to lack of knowledge of the species and scuba divers of the future may not have the opportunity that we do to dive with them today.

Other Scuba Diving Sydney Experiences

For the more timid try the dive trip to Jibbon Bombora and the Australian Royal National Park, Sydney NSW Australia.

The type of marine life you can expect to see is numerous and includes, blue gropers, weedy sea dragons, sea horses and octopus.

More Scuba Diving Sydney Informationscuba2

Aquatic Explorers is a PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre and also offers scuba diving trips to places beyond Sydney Australia such as Vanuatu and the Pacific Islands.

But what does PADI scuba diving mean?

That’s a good question … the answer is PADI is short for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.