A Backpackers Guide To Living Expenses In Australia

September 9, 2005    

Michael’s Australian Travel Tips Page 6

Backpacker hostel accommodation (this can range dramatically depending on location and quality of hostel) $25-$45 per night.
Take away food (meal size) $8-$12 Big Mac meal-deal $6-$7
Restaurant $20-$35
Petrol $1.30/L
Sydney “Day Tripper” pass: unlimited bus rail and ferries $16
Bus pass Sydney – Cairns: approx $400
1 case of 24 beers (375ml bottles) $30-$40
Wine 1×4 L cask (‘Goon’ cheap wine) $10
Loaf of bread $1.50-$2.00
Air ticket Sydney – Cairns $250 (one way) (3,000km not bad!)

*With the current (Oct 2010) devaluation of all the major currencies in the world and the rise of the Australian dollar, travellers are now saying that “it’s expensive over here”. Now it’s about being more budget-conscious, saving before you come or working whilst you’re here. I ‘did’ England at 33p:AUD$1 and Europe at Euro50c:AUD$1 so anything can be done! Travellers are also now saying that the wages in Australia are comparable to, or even better than, those back at home when doing the currency conversion. So “what are you waiting for?!”…:-)

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