Australian Backpackers Travel Tips Conclusion

September 9, 2005    

Travel Tips Page 7

  • Have a general idea of what you want to see and achieve whilst in Australia

  • Determine what money you have and what you can expect to earn

  • Pack sensibly

  • Have a stop over on the way here

  • Think of which modes of transport are best for you over the different sections of Australia

  • Check seasonality and major events calendar

  • Beware of booking too much from home as there are thousands of options available when you land

  • Have a credit card as many hostels or tours require the number to secure a booking in advance

  • For long stays open a bank account in Australia, transfer most of your money into it and use a keycard for ATM withdrawals

  • Buy a pre paid mobile phone in Australia, purchasable over the counter instantly. Don’t do global roaming as the bills will frighten you