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Backpacker Jobs and Work Availability

Earn some holiday spending money during your stay at Cronulla Beach Backpackers Sydney NSW Australia. There is a great range of casual jobs available throughout the Cronulla and southern beaches area of Sydney. Mostly the jobs have pick-up and drop off from the hostel and others have easy public transport links.

We are a small hostel of 66 beds so we can offer a more personalised service compared to larger ‘factory’ hostels. Since opening in 2000 we have built up 100′s of local contacts who call us all the time. 

The Cronulla Beach backpacker hostel accommodation in Sydney also has a jobs notice board where new local employers and agents post vacancies. Complete and submit the employment request form and Cronulla Beach Backpackers can assess the likelihood of you finding a job.

As you will appreciate jobs come and go all the time (yes daily) as do other travellers who may have been already working in Cronulla & Sydney.

Cronulla Beach Backpackers is the only backpacker hostel accommodation in Cronulla and Southern Sydney, therefore you are not competing for jobs with thousands of other backpackers like you would be in Sydney CBD and some other areas like Bondi, Coogee and Manly.

Cronulla Beach Backpackers prides itself on the high success rate of finding work and casual employment for accommodation guests.

Jobs generally available are: 

  • Waiter/Waitress/Bar Person Employment with over 50 restaurants in Cronulla and 10 pubs/clubs in the area jobs are easy to come by if you have some experience and have done courses
  • Labouring and Building Work Employment
    Whether it’s in local factories, on building sites, landscaping, or rubbish removal. General physical labouring jobs come in on a regular basis
  • Shop Assistant Employment
    Cronulla has a variety of shops in its Mall and only 10 minute train ride away is one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest shopping centres – Westfield Miranda
  • Nursing Employment
  • Cronulla is only 10 minutes away from the largest hospital in the area
  • Office and clerical work Employment
    Cronulla has a selection of office work or you can work in Sydney city. Sydney city is only 40 minutes travel time, allowing you heaps of time to relax on the beach before and after work – especially during the long summer days
  • White Collar positions through Ascendancy Recruitment Consultancy
    Plenty of office work through this agency including; Accounting and financial services, Administration/office support, Property and strata management, Sales and marketing, Human resources, Executive & Legal. Just follow this link to apply
  • Blue Collar positions through two Recruitment Companies
    Follow the links below for all trade related jobs;

If you are looking for more different jobs opportunities, visit Southside Staffing.

A lot of the time vacating travellers and backpackers pass on their job to new backpacker arrivals, so it pays to be here at the hostel to get the inside information from them and the front desk.

Also, a lot of local Cronulla and Greater Sydney area employers ring looking for workers they urgently need that day – and they get handed out to current accommodation guests – this happens more often than not.

Advice to Skilled Workers:
To have your trade skills recognised in Australia can be very rewarding, but like anything worthwhile there is effort and cost involved.

What you need to prove or have evidence showing is that: 

  • You have worked in a particular trade for at least 4 years
  • You have completed an apprenticeship or other trade training
  • You have completed a recognised industry assessment program.

The Skills and knowledge you need are: 

  • Read and respond to work instructions, specifications and technical drawings
  • Plan, mark out, lay out and set up trade work.
  • Select and use appropriate materials, tools machines and equipment.
  • Carry out trade work independently
  • Check, test and perform trade work to required standards and in accordance with the relevant industry regulations
  • Supervise other staff including apprentices

Contact the Department of Vocational Training: Training N.S.W.
Fees are applicable

At this stage depending on what trade and what level of skill and experience you have the Government authority might make you attend work safe classes and / or Technical and further educational college TAFE to do bridging classes to meet Australian Standards.

After passing this process you will obtain a certificate of Proficiency which allows you to go to the next step of licensing.

This whole process is really for the overseas traveller who wants to stay in Australia for more than 8 months and is looking to extend their visa. Fruit picking for three months gives you an automatic 1 year extension or sponsorship can have you stay up to four years.

If you are not sure about doing all this before you leave home at least fill out the forms and obtain references. Then if you find suitable work upon arrival and wish to persue the license required at least you have a majority of the requirements with you.

Work & Stay at Cronulla Beach Backpackers!:

Cronulla Beach Backpackers offers long term accommodation for travellers and backpackers wanting to stay in Cronulla Sydney for a longer time. Many also use us as a base, work and save for 3 months, travel the east coast, and then come back saving for another adventure.

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Please be aware of Australia’s Employment Legislation:

For detailed information and advice about Australia’s national workplace relations system, visit this website of the Fair Work Ombudsman:  Fair Work Online

For a timesheet we suggest you use the Fair Work Ombudsmen’s “Weekly Time And Wages Records Worksheet”, download copies here: Casual Employees Weekly Timesheet

So what are you waiting for?!…

Contact us, book in and make a success of your working holiday in Australia!…

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Work opportunities , labouringCosmin from Italy, Lucas from Germany Luigi from France, Salvatory from Sardinia and Nicholas from FranceIMG_0276
Anna from Germany working in Cronulla fresh juice bar

Rona from Scotland working in a local hair salon

this could be the view from your new restaurant or bar Job